Sunday, June 2, 2013

Secret Knowledge Coloring Book..

My friend Jonathan, aka Peacelove, performs at the Magic Garage in Sunnyvale Ca.. His routine, involving the classic Magic Coloring Book, takes it many, many steps beyond the way you learned to perform it years ago. In my newsletter, the Magic Roadshow, I have tried to stress the importance of taking basic effects and improving upon them; converting them into something that's current and relevant.

I can absolutely assure you that if Jeff McBride performed this effect during a lecture he would sell a hundred coloring books afterward. (I saw him once vanish a small silk streamer into a thumb tip and you would swear the room full of 'magicians' had never seen a thumb tip in action. They were lined up out the door afterwards to give him ten bucks for a small streamer and a thumb tip.)

Anyway, I'm getting off subject, the fact remains that Peacelove has found a new way to entertain an audience with an old idea. To me, this is much more rewarding than buying a new effect for 89.00 and briefly entertaining an audience.. until the 'secret' is revealed on Youtube.

Pay attention folks...