Friday, August 24, 2007


This is my first post, and it will be a short one. I am the owner of several sites, including and . The purpose of this blog is to publish whatever I want about whatever style of magic I want to talk about. Sometimes, when you publish info on specific websites you limit yourself to your subject matter. Your readers expect certain information and they expect you to remain within specific guidelines.

Card Tricks and Magical Mysteries will not have boundries.

I am going to publish whatever strikes my fancy.. and I hope it strikes yours too. I hope you enjoy mentalism, free magic tricks, free card tricks, and free magic ebooks, because we will have some of everything. I promise.

My first resource for you will be a little self serving.. It's an archive site that contains the links to all the past issues of the Magic Roadshow, magic's #1 free newsletter. The editor is a really great guy. I know him personally..

As of right now there are 77 past issues listed. This will keep you busy until sometime next week. And I honestly believe you WILL thank me for this link ..

Rick C.

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john said...

Thanks for the sweet tricks