Saturday, December 1, 2007

Penn, Teller, and a continuing Problem

Here's another Penn and Teller video where the two of them feel the need to expose their effect to win the approval of the audience. Yes, I know their exposure is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and they lead the audience down a path where the performers have the last laugh. But sometimes they DO cross the line. Sometimes their little inside jokes are on the magic community instead.

If you or I published this video, our fellow magicians would be ready to run us out of town. I'm not sure why the magic community allows them to continue without speaking out against them, aside from the fact that the two are worth mega bux's, many in the magic community don't pick on anyone who has a really large bankroll, and Penn could really care less whether his peers like him or not.

The two are so talented and funny that they don't need this to augment their routines.

Now, I've said all I'm going to say. I'm not stageing a one-man campaign against Penn and Teller.. I'm expressing my displeasure with the magic community that allows this to happen..

Traveling as much as I do, I often see children misbehaving in restaurants. I've come to realize that it's NOT the childrens fault. All they're doing is exactly what their parents allow them to do. Ultimately, it's the parents fault. It's the magic communities fault that Penn and Teller continue to expose magic because we allow them to without repercussion.

I only wish the two would show their peers a little bit of respect.

I suppose money really DOES change people..

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