Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Do You Keep a Magic Shop Open 46 years?

There's a secret, or secrets, to keeping a magic shop afloat for 46 years.. Phil Johnson of PJ's Trick Shop in Chicago knows the secret, and he shares quite a few in this interesting article by Burt Constable in the Daily Herald..

A postal employee who didn't want to spend his life working for other people, Phil Johnson started a cosmetics store on the side. He pondered selling playground slides for kids, running a hotel or jumping into the dry-cleaning business..

"Remember Martinizing?" Johnson says with a sigh.  Nothing seemed right.

Interested in magic, he pulled PJ's Trick Shop out of his hat. In spite of recessions, the Internet and several moves, he's managed to keep PJ's from disappearing for 46 years and counting. Now 77 years old, that might be his best trick of all....  Read the rest at:

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